Mar 31, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 3/31/08

Celebrate with a Degree {from 'Earline Ali'}

"You Need a Better Degree, and we can Help!

Academic Qualifications available from prestigious NON-ACCREDITED universities.

Your Degree will show exactly what you really can do.

1-xxx'555-0000 {no phone calls for spammers!}

Yes, let's celebrate! I usually like to celebrate with party hats, noisemakers, and some soft serve ice cream but I think I'll get myself a degree instead!

I suppose that since my degree is from an accredited institution that it's not worth as much as the ones you're offering from your 'NON-ACCREDITED universities'. That whole accredited institution thing is so over.

I think that the degree you're offering 'will show exactly what' I 'really can do'. Like, um, I don't know...waste my time and money on something worthless?

Spammers still have rotary phones.

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