Apr 10, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 4/10/08

The 'best game ever' and one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen. (LINK)

This fry, this ancient fry, it symbolizes...ah, I have no idea. (LINK)

Wow. I thought for sure that Jesse was going to pummel Sean. (LINK)

OhhhhKAY. Does it have the capacity to send the smells 'pocket lint' and 'elevator fart'? (LINK)

WHOA. Bunny be scary. Or it's Donnie Darko. (LINK)

Read this story yesterday. (LINK) ...and then, apparently, so did he. :) Response: (LINK)

I imagine the following thought might have occurred here... "Well, I think it's time to consider a donation at a certain bank...just in case." (LINK)

A page not found but a smile to be had at the 'translations' provided. :) (LINK)

I don't know if the contents of this article will make me 'Burst Out of Bed' but it's an interesting list...and I like lists. :) (LINK)

The comic books that got comic book writers/artists hooked... (LINK)

I think I linked this before but it's worth another look... (LINK)

Ron Paul at the Petraeus hearings. I don't know why common sense is so uncommon, I gotta' say. (LINK)

The lead in part of this story I was familiar with but I'd heard it in the context of making the wife in these scenarios look bad for no apparent reason. SO, I wasn't compelled to reference it. However, this article has some interesting perpsectives... (LINK)

:) (LINK)


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