Apr 15, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 4/15/08

You don't need it. (LINK)

Ugh. This whole discussion is stupid. (LINK)

This will create a new airline called 'Super-Ginormous Airline Which Still Won't Be On Time'. (LINK)

Blockbuster wants to buy Circuit City. So, that will mean crappy prices and service on movies and electronics, right? (LINK)

Go to hotel. Get gas. Go to 'Big Jim's House O' Beans'. Get different gas. (LINK)

Some of the all time worst business decisions... (LINK)

Stuck on an elevator...for 40 hours. Holy shiznit. (LINK)

Salt and pepper. (LINK)

Okay then. (LINK)

Relive the some of the greatest moments following red shirt deaths all over again... (LINK)

Oh, did I say okay then? Well, okay then. (LINK)

Choke on that, Monster! (LINK)

Yep. Consequences are a part of your balanced breakfast, kid. (LINK)

While I am often guilty of this...I do know better. :) (LINK) {...plus I have a thing for ellipsis.}

Um, and...okay then. (LINK)

...that's all for now.

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