Apr 29, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 4/29/08

I don't have an iPod. Mostly because I'm too cheap. However, I do know folks who do. Some interesting hacks for em'... (LINK)

SURE they'll know. Like some fairy with a wand o' democracy will just whisper in their ear. (LINK)

This seems sort of obvious. I wouldn't take a vitamin with a label of say 'Ol' Ham's Mount O' Vit-ah-mins'. (LINK)

At first look, I found myself thinkin' that this would be completely silly. However, it's not a bad listen. Gotta' dig the hat, if nothin' else. :) (LINK)

Get smarter by following random squares! (LINK)

The 35 best TV shows ever from the perspective of the NY Post. Gotta' say that the list is completely ruined, from my perspective, by the inclusion of Oprah and American Idol. Please. Just...please. (LINK)

Suggestive lines from the original 'Star Wars' trilogy. :) (LINK)

Well, I think that's a spider I'd be tempted to smash with a hammer. (LINK)

Hey, look! Ron Paul! :) (LINK)


Short list today. :)

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