Apr 30, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 4/30/08

Fear the USB thumb, flash drive. :) (LINK)

Interesting perspective on war and the military from a decorated, high-ranking soldier. Before you go shootin' this guy down...he died in - 1940. (LINK)

Yeah...cause' it was SO successful when it was broadcasting over the air. {shakes head} (LINK)

I know what's causing this. It's Sam Beckett from 'Quantum Leap'. (LINK)

Seems like things probably won't go well in that marriage. (LINK)

'The Onion' covers the prosecution of Jimmy Carter. ;) (LINK)]

Guess they don't have drug tests at the fictional crime lab where this guy works. :) (LINK)

Yep...let's kill their curiosity and make em' followers. Or not. :) (LINK)

Windows XP, service pack 3. In theaters now. (LINK)

That's frightening. Really. There should be NO way that someone in a position like that can put themselves outside the law. (LINK)


...don't eat bugs.


Baby Island said...

Oh neat, the whole Quantum Leap story is awesome, you must follow up on it and report the findings to your readers!~!

lharles said...

I'll get right on it! ;)