Apr 3, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 4/3/08

A happy birthday wish...for Wayne Newton. Courtesy of Yankee Pot Roast. :) (LINK)

You go, kid! (LINK)

Ahem. Tell us how you really feel. (LINK)

Beach Policeman. 1922. Measuring tape? (LINK)

This is a good thing. Now there should be less or NO offers for get rich quick or secret schemes popping up in random categories making it impossible to search for soft serve ice cream memorabilia. ...what? Is that a problem? That I like soft serve? ;) (LINK)

While this seems to be something that gets brought up over and over, I don't see it as that big a deal. Personally, it takes me at LEAST a week to figure out where the heck I put last year's tax return. (LINK)

Fun...with bullets! (LINK)

Photos of a family, once a year, every year, for 21 years and counting. Interesting. (LINK)

Well, no sh*t. I have wondered, aloud on occasion, who thought this was a good idea in the FIRST place. (LINK)

I tried to come up with something to say about this article. I don't have any witty little thing to say. It's interesting. (LINK)

For those people who just can't live life outside of their favorite video game console... (LINK)

'English Gone Wrong'... :) (LINK)

...that's it for now.

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