Apr 9, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 4/9/08

The title of the post this came from was - "Written as a joke - Then Gillette actually did it." Be forewarned it's got some crude language, (the title of the 'article' starts with an F-bomb), but it's from 'The Onion' and it's funny. :) (LINK)

Pictures of strangers, courtesy of a disposable camera tethered to a park bench. (LINK)

The Atari catalog of 1981. Get your copy of 'Night Driver'...TODAY! (LINK)

A sad but fascinating story about a rare disease that unlocks a whole gaggle o' creativity as other parts of getting through day to day life deteriorate. (LINK)

Now this is just stupid. (LINK)

Zard, I'm thinkin' these would be an ideal gift for you. ;) (LINK)

I SO want some of those. (LINK)

Insane. SO freakin' insane. (LINK)

You know those internet petitions? The ones that folks sign up for in droves to try and bring back a television show or change legislation...yeah, not so worky-worky. (LINK)

It was interesting to see how they cut and pasted the bits and pieces that had to do with the candidates. Just in case you didn't know...there were a bunch of OTHER senators there too! McCain was the most senior member amongst the three candidates and had a lot of leeway with his interaction, the other two...Clinton was 13th and Obama was like 4th from last or somethin'. Still, it was interesting. (LINK)

This is a good indication that we're all going to die in a fiery disaster sometime soon. (LINK)

REALLY? That worked, eh? Huh. (LINK)

Not a representative example of the military as a whole, of course. (LINK)

Heh, I like those folks in Minnesota. (LINK)

Place your bets! (LINK)

Well, if you've got the Python endorsement, it's a lock. (LINK)

I'm a little teapot, short and stout.

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