Apr 11, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 4/11/08

Unleash your titan {from 'Tommie'}

"7 inches is nothing, 9 inches is where it's at. http://www.{Ah, ah, ah, no spam links for you!}.com/"

Today's spam...well, it's not hard to see where I'm gonna' go with this.

Unleash my titan? Aren't those the guys who came before the Greek gods? Those guys were supposed to be hardcore. Not to mention the fact that they could only be let loose by Zeus or Poseidon or somethin'. Since that's definitely not me, I'll have to disregard your suggestion.

So, if I do the math on your inches thing I come up with 7 inches = 0 and 9 inches = X, with X being 'where it's at.' I'm hoping it's treasure. Cause then X would mark the spot. Otherwise, it's just stupid.

Spammers do math with their eyes closed and Q-Tips in their ears.

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