Apr 28, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 4/28/08

Grow a longer tool {from 'gdula'}

"Drill her like how our government drills for oil and drills for joy. http://www.{no spammer links, turdlet!}.com/"

Today's spam starts out with something I think is very promising. Tool growth. Yes, you read it here first. Tool growth. I'd personally like to grow a complete set of screwdriver bits, both security and non-security bits. Just seems like there's always some size I don't have. Heck, while we're growin' em', I could probably go for a table saw.

Once we get to the body of the message, I sort of lose the focus though. I'm not sure how the government drilling for oil matters but I'm not aware of the government drilling for joy? Does the government as a whole EXPERIENCE joy? News to me.

I'd click the link that came in the message, (cause' I like the idea of being able to grow a mallet), but I suspect that I would then qualify as a tool.

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