Apr 8, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 4/8/08

I thought about you last night, {from 'Aldcroft'}

"PROZAC has helped me go through the sadness. And you know what? It actually gave me a good boost when I drank with it. http://www.{spammers are made of concentrated evil}.com/"

Today's spam starts out with the feeling of trying to connect with us. They thought about ME last night...wow? So...touching. Must. Wipe. Away. Tears.

...and we move on to 'PROZAC'. I know it's real but I had to put it in quotes cause' they made it all capitalized and stuff.

It helped 'go through the sadness'. Can you go through sadness like a tunnel? That could have saved me a lot of grief over the course of my life. I just don't understand the method though.

Additionally, it 'gave me a good boost when' they 'drank with it.' Did it go something like:

'Pull up a chair, PROZAC, ol' buddy.'
{PROZAC pulls up a chair.}
'I'll drink to ya'.'
{PROZAC continues to be PROZAC in a chair.}
'Wow. That gave me a good boost!'

Yeah...no way that makes sense to me. I can suspend a LOT of reality too.

By the way, the link in the 'Body' of the message is safe. It links to something I put in there. :)

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