May 1, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 5/1/08

Old school tough guys, of the sports type. From Sports Illustrated. Isiah Thomas is the sixth person in...not sure if I'd consider him tough. He certainly was a whiner. :) (LINK)

Stuff you can do after you're dead. Yep, after. (LINK)

Um, okay. It does sort of look astonished. (LINK)

Huh? (LINK)

I guess if you're gonna' commit the crime, you might as well go big. Super-dee-duper, colossal, I'm out of my freakin' mind big. (LINK)

Wow. Ron Paul's book is #1 at Amazon. Hmmm. (LINK)

Yeah, I gotta' agree. Helmets wouldn't be of much use in that situation. :) (LINK)

I've made this point in various ways over time. Still, this article really illustrates the bizarre world of 'news' on television. (LINK)

Does the gas tax holiday over the summer make sense? (LINK)

Interesting and potentially good science news... (LINK)

Ahem. {cough} (LINK)

...and more insight into the mound o' steaming poo that is TV 'news'. :) (LINK)

Um, I wasn't consulted on this. Were you? :) (LINK)

Very interesting story about a 'miracle berry'. (LINK)

I SO want to hit someone with that mace. :) (LINK)

...that's all pee-op-el.

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