May 16, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 5/16/08

See now THAT'S a good use for coffee. :) (LINK)


...and now the government wants to steal 'Iron Man' from Tony Stark. :) (LINK)

Somebody didn't do the math before bidding on this... (LINK)

Let's see...cook a burrito in the microwave or, um, ah, a cd? (LINK) wacky folks in the U.S. eat a LOT of corn... (LINK)

If you haven't seen the antique Bill O'Reilly meltdown footage that's all over the place, this isn't what you want to watch first. Otherwise, it's definitely funny... :) (LINK)

I've never felt compelled to take any drugs illegally but I have to say that if something like this were offered to me, I'd really fight the urge to take it... (LINK)

Those wacky conspiracies... (LINK)


This just brings me to a moment of realizing I'm never going to come up with something so obvious yet useful. (LINK)

"I have made fire!" (LINK)

My politician disgust-o-meter just continues to grow... (LINK)

Someone's list o' 'Manliest Movies'. I don't know if I can put any movie with Nicholas Cage on that list though. Not to mention they put 'The Running Man' on there! Great novella, TERRIBLE movie. Unless you're just lookin' for complete, mindless entertainment. Then it does the trick. :) (LINK)

...that's it for today. :)

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