May 19, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 5/19/08 Abe and Scrabble. Okay. {shrug} (LINK)

Oregon. It's not just for mispronouncing anymore... (LINK)

I'm so very much looking forward to this movie...but this review doesn't fill me with hope. (LINK)

Ugh. Speaking of movies, the whole filming two at once...not sure if this is a good idea. (LINK)

All I find myself asking is can I just blow into a tube or a balloon and fill this thing up? ;) (LINK)

Where's the bathroom? (LINK)


...and this makes me think of the song 'Rock Me Amadeus'...poor Falco...we miss you. At least at the moment we typed this. (LINK)

Fish-o-palooza? Sturg-stock? (LINK)

Interesting article on steroids... (LINK)

No one questioned the smell? I guess it went away eventually. (LINK)



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