May 2, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 5/2/08

Ugh. 'Live Developing Story'? Really? This just in...clothes washing in local laundromat! (LINK)

Hmmm...John Kerry in the news again. Is he running for president again? :) (LINK)

Beaut-imus pic of the shuttle launch... (LINK)

If you're a leftover comic book fan like I am, (I don't read em' any longer, but I still love the stories, sorry...I'm a dork), then you might be disappointed about this bit o' news. (LINK)

There be treasure here! (LINK)

DANG! Orson Scott Card gives J.K. Rowling the smackdown. :) (LINK)

Bill Cosby...messenger? (LINK)

Now THAT'S a treehouse. :) (LINK)

Yes, yes, let's walk. (LINK)

...and now I depart this post. :)

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