May 6, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 5/6/08

Breakfast, prepared by Yankee Pot Roast. :) (LINK)

Crossing your arms is good for you...I think! Hands on the hips...TOTALLY different story. (LINK)

A roadmap for making superhero movies go bye-bye... (LINK)

...and proposed dates for superhero movies on their way to bein' made. (LINK)

See if you can determine what happened here... :) (LINK)

Okay, if lots of people get sick, you can live but, um, you can't. You can. You can't. (LINK)

I don't claim a party but I gotta' tell ya', this guy should make republicans proud. Principled politicians, (genuine ones anyway), don't come along too often in my opinion. (LINK)

Whoa. That's an odd bridge. (LINK)

You'll note that the vote is whether or not they can take legally owned firearms during an emergency or major disaster. Yea vote means that they want to prohibit this. Nay vote means they don't. All three of the presidential candidates are in there. Only one of them makes a choice to suspend part of that pesky constitution. (LINK)


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