May 7, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 5/7/08

For those times when you just don't have enough gadgetry in your pockets/backpack/car/shoe/ear... (LINK)

...yeah, this is sort of what I've felt for a bit now. The threat is often overstated to make folks comfortable with giving away some stuff we're supposed to have as rights. I'm just a loser calling from the bottom of a pit though. This guy...well, he's someone who might actually be paid attention to. (LINK)

Heh...Orwell. Heh. (LINK)

Um, that's pretty much how I feel. :) (LINK)

Oh, I get it! Tim Russert is the one who decides the democratic nominee! (LINK)

Get yourself an arcade game. Okay, maybe it's not as big as my 'Inserted Coins' but it's still pretty cool. It's on sale for $599.88, for a total of $664.88 shipped. :) (LINK)

Differences between Australia and the U.S. that are good to know about before traveling... (LINK)

Yes. A fly. (LINK)

I'm king of the--UFF! (LINK)

...short but, well, that's all I got today. :)

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