May 1, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 5/1/08

Re: Protected Mail System {from 'den'}

"I cannot believe that."


Today's spam had a link connected to the body of the message. I did not, of course, click it.

I'm wondering who would see a message with a subject suggesting a response to a discussion of a 'Protected Mail System', open it, then say:

'Hey, there's only one sentence here! It says "I cannot believe that." Maybe it'll take me to some useful and pertinent information about "Protected Mail System"! I should definitely click it!'

I would hope that no one would be compelled to do that cause' that would mean that the spammers were successful.

...and successful spammers are something no one can afford. That and a tank of gas. Or a really big airplane. Or the Hope diamond. Or the first comic book with Superman in it. Or a space station.

Spammers don't have space stations.

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