May 2, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 5/2/08

Get rid of toxins! Helps effectively suppress appetite. Fights fat on four fronts. {from 'Jerry Cervantes'}

"She knows well that hardness matters! http://{no icky spammer links!}.com

Jerry Cervantes


Today's spam salad offers health and weight loss in it's subject to get me interested. I'm thinkin' maybe a miracle elixir made of snake oil and chewing gum previously used by MacGyver.

THEN I get the informatio' that she 'knows well that hardness matters'. To which I respond...of course it does.

Hardness is essential in so VERY many ways. Without the hardness of our bones, we'd be a lump of meat and move in a way roughly equivalent to the meatball monster on the original 'Star Trek' series.

Hardness matters in relation to the bread that seems to always be just too hard and crumbly at local restaurants, making you realize just how much you like NON-hard and NON-crumbly bread.

I guess that only leaves me with the question of who 'She' is. Oh, and one more question...why do I care? :)

Spammers like 'Charmin''s squeezably soft.

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