May 22, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 5/22/08

Do not stay aside from revolution! {from 'Robert Mayfield'}

"Say YES to your new super-abilities! http://[no spam address for you!].com

Robert Mayfield


Today's spam tells me to 'not stay aside from revolution'. Oh, the sentence ends with one o' those lines with a dot at the bottom which is supposed to indicate, um, excitement... no... extraordinary... anyway... something important, right?

Then when we get into the body of the message...

WHAT? Did you say 'super-abilities'? I am ALL OVER that. I want to be able to fly, heal, and shoot pudding from my fingertips! I want to be able to generate endless streams of soft-serve ice cream from my palms and be impervious. I want to be able to change shapes and sing like Elvis.

...wait, I have to go to a spammer web address that's riddled with nastiness which will infect my computer, steal my personal information, and generally, um, suck?

Yeah, it's tempting...but I'll have to pass.

Spammers dream of being super villains.

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