Jun 11, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/11/08

How 'Rich' are YOU? (LINK)

Huh. (LINK)

Scary and sad. (LINK)

This makes me think of 'Brewster's Millions'. :) (LINK)

Paul Newman is pretty cool. I hope that, no matter what health issues he has, he isn't hounded by the press. At 83, after an adult life in the spotlight but generally out of the tabloids, the guy should be left alone and in privacy if he chooses. (LINK)

Really? Burger King? (LINK)

This page is super awesome. (LINK)

These people really have some balls. (LINK)

Good info on protecting your personal data. (LINK)

As a tech guy, this definitely makes me both cringe and giggle. (LINK)

'Dependable Web Resources for University Students'...it's a list, I was, as almost always, bound to like it. :) (LINK)

Goats. Grass. Roof. We've got all your goat, grass, roof needs right here! (LINK)

Creepy. (LINK)

I am SO gonna die sooner. (LINK)

Get deleted files back with free software... (LINK)

Gas. (LINK)

My kids would LOVE this. (LINK)

Wednesday...the beginning of the end of the week. :)

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