Jun 12, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/12/08

REALLY interesting article about Harlan Ellison. From the 'AV Club' at, of all places, 'The Onion'. (LINK)

Fake ads at Gizmodo. 'Gadget Ads You'll Only See in Hell'. Some of em' are a little mean spirited and some of em' are pretty damn funny. :) (LINK)

What a shocker...refs in the NBA aren't being fair? Well, the source of the info is questionable but there has been many a time where you have to wonder what the heck these guys are prescribed by their doctors... (LINK)

A fantastic research discovery... ;) (LINK)

Really, he was just upset not to be asked himself. :) (LINK)

Neat! (LINK)

'Ridiculous SkyMall Products'... (LINK)

Oops. You caught me. (LINK)

Huh, short list today.

Thursday! I have no rhyme or odd sayings bout' YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!

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