Jun 13, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/13/08

I have to say...I love it when the Lakers lose. I just love it. (LINK)

The pixel dog. (LINK)

Well, Ron Paul officially ends his campaign, (you wouldn't know that he hadn't conceded based on news coverage, that's for sure). (LINK) ...and starts a new sort of campaign. (LINK)

Cool pic... (LINK)

ONLY 70 20mm rounds...YIKES! (LINK)

Now that's a new way to go about it... (LINK)

A reunion with the 'Funky Bunch'..."Not a f—ing chance". HA! :) (LINK)

'Check out my awesome wingspan!' (LINK)

I'm just disgusted by this. (LINK)

'Sexually Frustrated' superheroes. Funny and not as completely bizarre as you might think. :) (LINK)

Really? They're remaking 'Robocop'? Oh, THAT'll be good. (LINK)

"Unexpected Creativity (Found in Unusual Places)" (LINK)

It's Friday the 13th. So...how many links today? :)

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