Jun 17, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/17/08

If ya' need a color laser printer for a low cost, here's a refurbished one from Staples with an additional $25 off with the use of the code 78020. (LINK)

Good story. Illustrates just how much damage can be done by not being sure that your computer is well protected against viruses, spyware, and the such. (LINK)

Today, I'm linking to 'The Bureau of Communication' which provides forms for some common needs. Such as this one... (LINK)

"Ken by request only"... :) (LINK)

Dude, housework isn't THAT hard. (LINK)

I'm sure that, as a politician, this won't affect his effectiveness. ;) (LINK)

Okay, that name doesn't work too well in today's lingo. (LINK)

As someone I know would say, it's not cardboard, it's corrugated! (LINK)

Stan Winston died. :( The guy did some pretty fantastic things on film, without CGI. (LINK)

Sounds like 'The Happening' is pretty bad. You can apparently save time on suffering through it and just read this... (LINK)

Good time to have a camera, I have to agree. (LINK)

Tuesday. It's here, today!

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