Jun 18, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/18/08

Now that's a beating. SO glad to see the Lakers go down in flames. :) (LINK)

I so wish I'd bought this stock when it was like a buck a share... (LINK)

So, you have to pay to quote an article now? Um...no, not gonna' happen. (LINK)

I've seen the effects of drugs on people. I won't go into the why and how of it, but let me say that although I completely disagree with breaking the law I also think that the root of what he says here is very true. The war itself creates the crime. (LINK)

Wow. I've become some sort of cute-monger. (LINK)

INCREDIBLE ad pointing out some of the serious flaws in the very issue I brought up just two links ago. Too bad it's from Canada... (LINK)

Freeeeeee stuff if you like makin' stuff. (LINK)

This thief is just wrong, so wrong. (LINK)

Til' tomorrow...

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