Jun 19, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/19/08

Yikes! Bad combo of ads and headlines, that's for sure. (LINK)

Wow...nice pics. (LINK)

New cancer treatment, looks promising... (LINK)

I don't actually think there's any feeling of the road at that point. (LINK)

I've heard of this disorder. I've even seen a dramatization of it on the tel-E-vision. Still, it's bizarre to know that folks do this. (LINK)

Golf. Onion style. :) (LINK)

Yes, it's a watermelon. (LINK)

Gaming consoles of the 1970s. :) (LINK)

I'd love to take the train instead of an airplane... (LINK)

How to be famous and bankrupt? Here's how!? (LINK)

Bones. Lots and lots of bones. (LINK)

See ya' tomorrow~!

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