Jun 20, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/20/08

Not only are there f-bombs ahead, it's the whole subject. If it's a name, can it be an expletive? :) (LINK)

Quotes from people who proved to be TOTALLY wrong. :) (LINK)

Why so mad, Mahoney? (LINK)

Yeah, my wisdom teeth were like that too. Let me tell you, impacted, they are SOOOO not funny. I was medevac'd from the Mediterranean sea to Sigonella, Sicily to have it removed. Good times. (LINK)

Those lines are WAY too long. I guess I'll just make my own then. :) (LINK)

INCREDIBLE. Pardon HIMSELF? Sort of makes you think that he knows somethin' is rotten. (LINK)

I do wish that this were an article from 'The Onion'...but it's not. This is why my children don't get allowance, that way they can't afford lawyers. ;) (LINK)

Old pics o' New York. Pretty interesting. Page will probably load SLOW on old computers or dial up connections... :) (LINK)

Hurl? Really, that's the best they could do? Ugh. This is why I don't watch 'reality' TV when they make that sort of competition out of it. 'Deadliest Catch'? That's reality. I've never watched an episode of 'American Idol' and I never will. So there. {sticks out tongue} (LINK)

I'll never ride a motorcycle on the street, for reasons of my own, but I might drive one of these...pretty cool. Looks sort of like a Tron light cycle. :) (LINK)

{snicker} (LINK)

A projector in your pocket. My suggestion for the next big T.I. thing...teleporters. Trust me, there's money to be made there. :) (LINK)

'Entrepreneur' blogs. I'm not really interested in all these people's blogs. I just like the fact that they confirm the existence of a company named Yoyodyne in the article. (LINK)

Have a weekend full of {insert appropriate term here}!

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