Jun 24, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/24/08

Too bad he isn't around for this. :) You may not have liked the guy or what he had to say...but he made ya' think. (LINK)

Oops. :) (LINK)

I guess you can't go wrong with an original Nintendo NES controller under the hood of your car...or can you? :) (LINK)

I'm not a soccer fan...but this is impressive. :) (LINK)


Seinfeld on Carlin... (LINK)

Vacuum tubes and fast trains under the ATLANTIC. No potential for disaster THERE. :) (LINK)

Every Lego set ever... (LINK)

As a parent, this situation has come up for me before. If we've got some sort of bathroom emergency, (and even as an adult I'VE had this sort of thing come up), and they won't let the kid use the restroom...it's parking lot time. Sorry, it may sound gross, but I agree with the author of the post - it's 'just basic human decency'. (LINK)

Yikes! (LINK)


See ya' tomorrow...

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