Jun 27, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/27/08

It's certainly no coincidence that they're getting this thing together in a town called Unity... (LINK)


You know what, that couple should forfeit everything they own to those people and THEN be forced to endure the same things they put THEM through. (LINK)

Here kitty, kitty... (LINK)

Nice to know that the constitution does actually mean something now and then... :) (LINK)

What happened, indeed? :) (LINK)

Coming soon...farty.pants, i.have.to.poop, and soft.serve.icecream. (LINK)

Definitely the wrong rack... (LINK)

Fun on the web with pics... (LINK)

-which outputs things like THIS:

...and that's the list for today, short as it is. Enjoy your weekend. :)

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