Jun 30, 2008

Content From Elsewhere -6/30/08

That's a home theater, for sure. Not much room left for anything else. (LINK)

It's. A. BOX! (LINK)

Negligence is one thing but this kid, may he rest in peace, was just being stupid. (LINK)

Wasp home. (LINK)

Oops... (LINK)

He just escalates, doesn't he? :) (LINK)

New York skyline... (LINK)

{snicker} Sorry... {chortle} (LINK)

Those are some big 'eggs'. (LINK)

Change, eh? I wonder. (LINK)

This will be nice if they ever actually get it out. :) (LINK)

Small room in Portland for rent... :) (LINK)

Jean Claude Van Squirrel. (LINK)

Monday. It's the new thing.

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