Jun 4, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/4/08

In Romania, they grow their own rocks. Well, they don't control it so much as it just happens. :) (LINK)

A flow chart for procrastinators... (LINK)

How to tell if you're a superhero, supervillain, or a member of Supertramp, courtesy of Yankee Pot Roast. :) (LINK)

Now THAT'S a clock... (LINK)

A list of what this site considers to be the '100 Best Movie Posters'...interesting... (LINK)

Accurate weather prediction. (LINK)

Some interesting open-source Windows utils... (LINK)

Not sure how I feel about this one. It isn't as pertinent in the current military situation in the U.S. cause' there's no draft. (LINK)


How the hell did he get a plasma in there? (LINK)

...see ya' tomorrow!

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