Jun 9, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 6/9/08

Blah, blah, blah... (LINK)

I'm not placing my beliefs any particular place on the gun rights thing, (I don't own a gun...not because I don't want to but because I have kids and, well, there's that chance in a million of an accident...), but this shirt sure has a statement to make. :) (LINK)

Huh. Interesting... (LINK)

"Behind the scenes of 'The Colbert Report'"... (LINK)

Things about America...it's a list. I was bound to like it. :) (LINK)

This kid is about 30 seconds away from the beating of a lifetime, grandpa style. :) (LINK)

Sort of defeats the idea that a seat belt would make you safe in that situation. (LINK)

Wow. A definitive answer on 'DINASOURS' and why they're extinct. (LINK)

Ow. (LINK)

Um...guess that means it's really fresh? (LINK)

This trailer is one of the coolest things ever...at this moment anyway. Due simply to the presence of 'Tony Stark' from 'Iron Man', played by Robert Downey. :) (LINK)

Apparently, the parents of this child are fans of the 'Alien' movies. (LINK)

I'm with this legislation. Electoral college, out and popular vote, in. However, I wonder if this will be effective. I wonder if it'll become like 'American Idol', presidential version. (LINK)

Nice. (LINK)

Earth from Mars. (LINK)

Famous photos...redone with Legos. (LINK)

Monday, here today, gone tomorrow.

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