Jun 19, 2008

Solitaire 'not fair', says man

June 19, 2008 | TMU News Service

Georg, pronounced ghey-or-g, Peters, 43, has determined "almost for certain" that the version of "Solitaire" installed on his home computer does not allow the player to win.

Additionally, Mr. Peters has spent the better part of his lunch hour for the past decade and a half playing effectively the same "Solitaire" game on various versions of the operating systems installed on his work computers. It is his contention that he has found the version of the game played with the "Vegas" settings does not allow a player to win with any consistency. Also, it is his contention that it behaves in a manner that he suspects many players would find very upsetting.

"The damned thing isn't fair. Just not fair," says Mr. Peters, "I've played that thing thousands of times and I win maybe one time in a thousand."

Mr. Peters was unable to provide exact figures as to the wins and losses he's encountered while playing the game, but did insist that the game wasn't fair by saying, "Trust me, I play it all the time, it isn't fair."

When asked why he continues to play the game, Mr. Peters simply shrugged. Additionally, he asked that the fact that he plays the game constantly throughout his workday, "never doing a damned" thing not be made public.

More information as it becomes available.

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