Jun 12, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/12/08

Witness a miracle happening in your life {from 'Wendi Herrington'}

"I made sure myself, how powerful this growth formula really was!
Make the impossible happen!

most people will ever see in one lifetime, or a hundred lifetimes. Yet,eighties movie, Wall Street. He looks a decade youngerseriously rich. He neither drinks nor smokes, and his taste in food is


Today's spam starts with an offer to 'Witness a miracle'.

The body references 'how powerful this growth formula really was'.

Then it goes on to talk about lifetime and lifetimes, 'eighties movie, Wall Street', and something about 'youngerseriously'.

At this point, I think this is just some idiot on some seriously bad drugs.

Spammers eat peat moss.

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