Jun 13, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/13/08

Highly secure 256bit order processing {from 'Ivory Merrill'}

"Read hundreds of testimonials from satisfied men and their girlfriends on this site. After years of scientific research, a herbal breakthrough is finally achieved - the product rated as #1 by healthcare professionals, with gains of up to 1-3 inches guaranteed, and girth increases from 5% - 30%.

Get your free bottles today, and change your life - why wait?

http://{ah, ah, ah, turdlet!}.com/


Today's spam starts with technical talk. That sort of thing always gets me wound up. I just want to, um, touch my keyboard.

Anyway, we move onto 'testimonials' and 'research'. An 'herbal breakthrough' and 'healthcare professionals'. Then 'gains of up to 1-3 inches guaranteed'...

...and 'girth increases from 5% - 30 %'!?!

Listen, I already have enough trouble with my weight as it is. If I gain 30 % more girth, I'm gonna' have to be carried around on a flatbed!

No thanks.

Spammers are very girthy.

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