Jun 17, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/17/08

It hapep,ned as. ,predicted {from 'thediggorys'}

"It h,as bgu_en.

Corp roation-name: Angstrom* Microsystems
Traedd as: agms.o"b
Buy" and hlod "1 wee.k
Mrkaet price: Fuort,y Cents
Shares traded: 331,485

Flolwoing' -'the great news Firday, stcok sales are soarnig.

Mroe events will" unfold, with all the great news AGM S has a great

Pirce is stlil at a great buy, obtain 't,his stock T.ue"dsay Mornnig.


Today's spam...oh, it's so painful. I'll be referencing 'The Happening' in my Content post for the day. THIS is the happening. At least I think that's what the subject says, something about something happening 'as. ,predicted'.

The complete disregard for punctuation, (rather than barely passable use such as I am guilty of), makes my brain hurt...and it also makes my knees itch, which is really odd.

I can't wait for 'Mroe events' to unfold about 'AGM S' and it's 'great fuutre'. Is that like future in a vacuum?

Well, I'm off now. Enjoy the rest of your 'T.ue"dsay Mornnig'...I think.


Spam.mEr&s ha^ve treoble wthi pun!@tuashun.

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