Jun 20, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/20/08

Christmas Replica Watches {from 'Francisca Horner'}

"There's no battery in these replicas just like the real ones since they charge themselves as you move.
With Vacheron Constantin replica watch time becomes ...
Classical Bvlgari watches at Replica Classics
http://{spammmer pooooooo}.com/


Today's spam, uh, hmmm...

Really, 'Christmas Replica Watches'? First of all, congrats on not using the number 1 in the spelling of the word replica. You do get points for that. Still, I'm not sure how you replicate Christmas into a watch. I just don't see how that's feasible.

No battery? Charge as you move? Am I the power behind this Christmas watch? OH, now I'M part of YOUR big lie!?!

NO! I won't be a party to your lying and deception! COUNT ME OUT!

Spammers can stick their watches in places where watches shouldn't be.

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