Jun 26, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/26/08

World of pilules, up to 70% cut. {from 'rose'}

"A small thing to make your woman happy. http://{NOOOOO spammer links!}.com"


Today's spam got my attention due to the fact that it had a word in the subject that I BELIEVED to be some made up spammer word intended to bypass spam detection and generally be annoying...


Turns out that 'pilules' is actually a word!

I like to think I have a reasonably varied vocabulary and yet use the word poop a lot. So, I guess it's all a wash.

ANYWAY, turns out that the word 'pilules' or the singular pilule, (pĭl'yōōl), means a small pill or pellet. Courtesy of dictionary.com. :)

So, it's a world of pills then.

'A small thing to make {my} woman happy'? Huh? I don't know that you're qualified to determine the size of things that make my 'woman happy', 'rose'.

No, I don't.

I disregard your world of pills and your referenced 'small thing'.

...but thanks for the education and the knowledge of a new word!

Spammers sometimes use words.

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