Jun 30, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/30/08

C\alys, V/agra and Lev\tra - We Have It All! [my] discount. {from 'kenon fu'}

"We always been known for good support, timely dispatches and Immediate feedback. You will saev Yoru 87%.

* Your Low Cost Online Source Of: Qualiyt Brnad Name & Geenric Drgus; Herbal & Dietary Supplements.
* Save Money on Name Brand Drags.
* Weight loss, eMn's Heatlh, Woemn's Haelth, Sxeual eHalth Affordabel, Safe and Convenient Next Day.
* Quickly we will ship Your mdeications.

Viist us.


Today's spam got my attention by using a slighly different way of NOT spelling various medications correctly. The use of the slash in place of an I is one I haven't noticed before.

What I don't get is why these folks can't spell AFTER the subject. 'You will saev Yoru 87%'? What? What's 'saev Yoru'? Is it some sort of new anime? The name for the newest member of the G.I. Joe team? I'm lost.

We move on to such greats as 'Qualiyt Brnad', 'Geenric Drgus', and 'eMn's Heatlh, Woemn's Haelth, Sxeual eHalth Affordabel'. Finally we end with a reference to 'mdeications' and 'Viist us.'

I'm sorry, even if I did visit sites sent to me via spam, I just couldn't submit to going somewhere where the spelling is so bad that I start bleeding from my ears.

Spammers wage a daily war on spelling.

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