Jun 6, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/6/08

Re: Encrypted Mail {from 'ingar hiroyuki'}



Today's spam gets my first award of any type that I've awarded to a spammer. At least that I recall.

This spam gets the nicest spammer award.

While the subject is misleading, as most of them are, the body of the message simply delivers a winking, smiley face made of standard keyboard characters.

The winking, smiley face does, of course, link to a site that I wouldn't and you never should visit but, hey, they gotta' keep tryin'.

Kudos to you imaginary person who I've never met 'ingar hiroyuki'. You're the first winner of the nicest spammer award.

Sadly, you still exist in a world of electron and time wasting miscreants who would probably be better off in some sort of gulag.

Spammers don't know what a miscreant is.

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