Jun 9, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 6/9/08

Blue sexy pill - $0.{_2SYMBCHAR} {from 'Lenore Patrick'}

"Blue sexy pill - $0.{_2SYMBCHAR}

Visit our site


Today's spam starts with a subject about a pill being both blue and sexy. Well, I love blue and I have heard the word sexy, so I had to give this one a look.

What really sold me, I have to say, is the way both the subject and the initial part of the body of the message end.

I love when people type '- $0.{_2SYMBCHAR}'. REALLY. That is SO awesome.

There's a link that the 'Visit our site' is pointing to but I can't possibly pull myself away from the awesomeness of '- $0.{_2SYMBCHAR}' long enough to click it.

Oh, '- $0.{_2SYMBCHAR}', I think I may have feelings for you.

Spammers love the SYMBCHAR.

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