Jul 11, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/11/08

Treatment for ebola? That virus is some is nasty, nasty stuff...ewwwww... (LINK)

I don't want to wither! :) (LINK)

I'd love to think that this lawsuit will have an effect...but I don't. :) (LINK)


Yes, it's our new...box on wheels! Who WOULDN'T love THAT!?! (LINK)

Do you bury it when you're done with it? (LINK)

This will mean that these games become required viewing for me. :) (LINK)

That is fascinating. VISIBLE magnetics... (LINK)

I'm not gonna' go for a cheap shot here. Read it for yourself. Decide what you think. (LINK)

Don't use my cup...you don't have a key. (LINK)

Fail indeed. I shall not deal with 'SATIN'. (LINK)

Yep. (LINK)


How many businesses do you know that stop selling a product that people continue to clamor for? :) (LINK)

Sounds interesting! :) (LINK)

He's just drivin' around looking for the part that fell off, that's all. (LINK)

...so much to do...and it's Friday!

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