Jul 15, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/15/08

Oh no! Oh, don't worry. Nifty. (LINK)

Yankee Pot Roast and some baseball calls they'd like to hear... :) (LINK)

It's like an old McD's sign...only without the burgers and happy...meals. :) (LINK)

...and another injection of politics. :) "...will repeat endlessly that Americans who are doing nothing wrong have nothing to fear. If this argument held any water, there would have been no point in the Founding Fathers writing the Constitution." (LINK)

Let's make some Pepsi! ;) (LINK)


Huh. (LINK)

Scientific American and Batman...good times! :) (LINK)

Which billionaire, eh? Well, I came out as an idealist. :) (LINK)

Love the fire hydrant. (LINK)

Nothing visually graphic but certainly a bit textually graphic in this one. I thought that sort of thing simply wasn't possible. Guess that's why they're looking at it as suspicious. Sheesh. (LINK)

Apparently 'Rock Band 2' will, in fact, rock. (LINK)

Not Professor X but still... (LINK)


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