Jul 2, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/2/08

I wonder if they really do see the rest of the country like that....? :) (LINK)

He was captured outside of a bar. I'm surprised they didn't beat HIM to death. (LINK)

Well, I just don't know what to say about this one. Dinghy indeed. (LINK)

Perhaps this means that there WILL be world peace in our lifetime...or not. (LINK)

That's cool...and although I may have to turn in a man card for this, pretty cute. (LINK)

A fun display of bizarre car accidents... (LINK)

Art...with post-it notes. :) (LINK)

Time to buy land in North Dakota, I guess... (LINK)

This is FUNNY. (LINK)

I TOTALLY agree with this post. I personally wouldn't mind seeing him do stand up again. :) (LINK)

When you have stores literally across the street from one another, (this is the case where I work), you have to wonder about the decisions the corporate folks are making. :) (LINK)

...and an accident with the potential to really sting. (LINK)

I could think of other things to have placed on that ribbon. :) (LINK)


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