Jul 22, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/22/08

My sincere apologies for the lack of posts yesterday folks. I had the super-explody headache from the 4th circle of hades yesterday. As a result I spent the better part of the day twisting my body in to weird shapes and placing it at odd angles in order to try and relieve the pain. I found this to be roughly as effective as simply removing my head.

See this for an example, (from when I was doing a daily comic):

Today's links:

Points for trying...Onion style... :) (LINK)

I bet that even amidst the destruction the roaches remain... (LINK)

Apparently, Batman is rakin' in the cash... (LINK)

That would save SO much time cleaning up after the kids... (LINK)


{gulp} Eww... (LINK)

Sphinx butt. (LINK)

Lovely water. (LINK)

The cat cam. :) (LINK)

Just in case you want to bring web surfing into your daily life, without the computer or connectivity... (LINK)


Well, maybe THIS would have helped my headache yesterday... (LINK)

See? There's NOTHING that remains impossible when you add duct tape. ;) (LINK)

Til' tomorrow, I depart! :)

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