Jul 23, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/23/08

The first part of this article should be music to the ears of some folks who have a hard time with computers. Browsing would be a lot easier if POOF! a browser was just there... (LINK)

I would SO love to have found that wrapper. :) (LINK)

Yeah, the doctors might want to consider that the mental diagnosis could have something to do with this physical one. (LINK)

'Block Blunders'... (LINK)

Wonderfully odd and musical at the same time. :) (LINK)

Also wonderfully odd and musical...but with zombies and a killer car. :) (LINK)


This sort of behavior perplexes me. The folks making the media seem to want to frustrate the folks who PURCHASE it. Ugh. (LINK)

The abandoned, former mansion of Mike Tyson. Guess they didn't think to drain the pool before they left... (LINK)

She wants to be a tractor. Not have, be. ;) (LINK)

Beaver. (LINK)

That's all for your Wednesday edition of...um, what is this thing we're doin' here? How in the heck did I wind up in front of this keyboard? Why am I still typi

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