Jul 25, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/25/08

It's the...HEXAYURT! AAAAA! No, it's not a monster. It's actually sort of sci-fi lookin' though... (LINK)

Way to completely poop all over a pretty enjoyable movie. If you don't get the reference from the ad, then simply forget that I posted this link... (LINK)

Yikes. (LINK)

Nice to see somethin' like this. Disaster averted rather than just disaster. :) (LINK)

A flying banana? Really? Wow. I'd love to get in on some of THAT money...but I'm not from canad-ia. ;) (LINK)

The conflict has begun. I think the bears have a one on one advantage but there's sheer numbers to consider on our side. Plus the thumbs thing. (LINK)

Cool. (LINK)


Yes...we'll TRICK you into using it! MUHAHAHAHA! :) (LINK)

Oh, the small print is SOOOO important here. (LINK)

Til next time...take care and don't scratch the itch if it require putting your hand in your underpants. At least if you're out in public. You know, cause' some folks don't take well to that. I'm just sayin'. So, yeah. Okay then.

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