Jul 29, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/29/08

Whistle while you work! From 'The Onion'... :) (LINK)

A fun idea. :) (LINK)

So much for love at first sight... :) (LINK)

Seems like a questionable choice for a domain name... (LINK)

Please take a moment to peruse photo number 7. Then see if you can note the, er, slight problem with it. :) (LINK)

Speed read with the help of this... (LINK)

Huh. I don't know if they should charge him so much as hire him... (LINK)

I've been to that wall, even placed a little writing of mine in it... (LINK)

Yeah...and don't fart either. :) (LINK)

It's Tuesday...time for cheese puffs!

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