Jul 30, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/30/08

The master of the bridge to nowhere apparently is hiding his gifts, even when it's not the holiday season... :) (LINK)

EARTHQUAKE! Drop the bikes and run!!! :) (LINK)

The SUPERCODER 2000...now YOU can write code TOO! :) (LINK)


Bet it's hard to get off that to take a pee. (LINK)

It's so...colorful? Bah, it's just a small pc. Mini-itx, etc. - not really new, but it's from Dell. (LINK)

This guy has to take a look at the way people set things up for him...sheesh... (LINK)

Makes ya' think... (LINK)

Seems like a reasonable test since they do compete gender separate... :) (LINK)

Dumpster recycling... :) (LINK)

..."How Much Is Your Soul Worth?" :) (LINK)

OOOOOH. A new Batman animated show...er, um, it's for my kids, you know. Um, yeah. (LINK)

Wednesday...it's full of wenz.

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