Jul 3, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/3/08

Normally, I wouldn't find sleeping in a car fascinating but this is really interesting... (LINK)

A cardboard bike....hmmm... (LINK)

The Oklahoma, um, somethings are coming soon... (LINK)

I actually use one of these in the arcade that I built. It's a really handy little gadget. Whatever is plugged into the main outlet, when it draws power, initiates power to the other outlets. So, if you need somethin' like this, well...here's a link! :) (LINK)

REALLY? A movie, huh? Well, as long as someone is referred to as Ms. Chnandler Bong, I suppose that's okay. (LINK)

Well, since you say not to... (LINK)

This just hurts my heart. Really. I've always been fond of the old theater look. I think I must have been a theater owner in a past life or something. Some of these are just disappointing to look at. (LINK)

...odd as it sounds, I think that could actually be pretty funny. :) (LINK)

A list of Sci-fi novels that 'You Should Read'. There are some good ones on there, that's for sure. I've only read about half of them... (LINK)

It's not torture, until it is. (LINK)

'The Pit of Life and Death'...interesting! (LINK)

Fifty miles an hour on the 'HyperBike'? Wow. I'd SO take that to work. Plus, it would probably get me into some smaller pants. (LINK)

...chess on a roller coaster. Yeah, I don't get it. That's not out of the ordinary though. :) (LINK)

A website to say you're sorry. Not sure why you wouldn't wanna' do that in person but, hey, there are folks who break up with Dear John letters too... (LINK)

Role playing games, internet style... (LINK)

6,000 cheaters!? Whoa. (LINK)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a small human who I happen to think is pretty special... :) (LINK)

Thursday...the day before the last day of the work week.

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