Jul 31, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/31/08

'...Every Stupid Cable You Need'. :) (LINK)

Stay away! We'll PAY you to STAY AWAY!!! (LINK)

Marvin The Martian will get his own movie. NICE~! (LINK)

Huh? (LINK)

Ouch. (LINK)

Those wacky news reader, opinion spewers... (LINK)

That's how it's supposed to work. Whether you did somethin' wrong or not, you're supposed to show up when compelled by a subpoena. Sheesh. He SHOULD be in contempt. (LINK)

This should be an option in all vehicles. :) (LINK)

...and pothead humor is back...with less hair and more gray in what's left. ;) The title of the tour, "Hey, what's that smell?" calls back to a routine on one of their albums that provided no end of laughs for my cousin and I back in the day... (LINK)

That barrel is stylin', dude. (LINK)

Hahahahaha...Kal-AL...hahahaha... (LINK)

Thursday...ur great. Ugh. That's a bad one.

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